Double, Double, Toil And Trouble

Not having much luck with either the coach or the toad.

During her travels, Lorraine had the dreaded engine warning light. I received multiple alerts about the engine malfunction indicator lamp right up until 11ish last night.

Lorraine was in Toronto when it first happened. We called a local Lincoln dealer and they said the car was fine to drive and that we should get it looked at when Lorraine returned back to the coach.

We booked an appointment with the dealer for today.

Some kind of sensor issue with the exhaust system.

They need to order a part.

The part is only available in the U.S.

Won’t arrive to the dealer until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

We have another Lincoln on loan until our car gets fixed.

A bit frustrating to have both vehicles down for the count waiting on parts.

I hope the parts for the Lincoln arrive before we need to return to Barrie whenever the parts for the coach arrive.

This is starting to get a wee bit complicated.

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  1. Sandy & Chet
    Sandy & Chet says:

    So sorry to hear of all the problems you have been having since you left Kingston. Will be praying things will get resolved soon so you can be on your way.
    We have been attending the GLS and thinking of all Lorraine did last year to make this a success. It has been fantastic again and we are looking forward to another day of inspiring talks. Lorraine you were a good mentor and I know Trish had reservations about her part in the GLS but from what we have seen it seems to be well organized once again.
    We have been enjoying reading your posts however we hope soon you will have more positive things to report.
    Take care and hope you can enjoy today which promises to be sunny and warmer.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      The problems are all part of the experience and we are taking them in stride. The main concern is getting out to our booked sites as scheduled for our trip down to Florida. We will be cutting it close assuming the parts arrive as scheduled. We’ll know more on that front by tomorrow.

      Lorraine did a great job with GLS last year and I know she appreciates your kind words!


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