Sherkston Shores

A few photos to share from our time at Sherkston Shores RV Resort.

Some wonderful areas to explore particularly as there is hardly anyone here at this time of year. Most days it seems as though we have the place to ourselves.

Sherkston Shores is located on roughly 560 acres of land along the Lake Erie coast. There are somewhere over 1,700 manufactured homes and several hundred RV sites. During peak season, I would expect 4,000 or 5,000 people.

Since we have been here, perhaps a few dozen people on site. Except for the weekends. It has been busier over the past two weekends.

Most of what you will find at Sherkston Shores are manufactured homes.

Some are very nice with spectacular waterfront views.

Others are nestled high amongst the trees.

While a few have definitely seen better days and call to mind the common definition of a “trailer park”.

Most of the properties were well looked after though. In terms of the RV sites, well, they are almost exclusively 5th wheel trailers.

With several hundred sites, we have only found four Class A motorhomes. All of them a bit older and all of them gas-powered.

Our coach tends to get some attention wherever we travel in Canada. Very different from our travels in the U.S. where it is far more common to see Class A diesel pushers.

All told, this is a much nicer spot to be than at the dealer’s lot waiting for parts. We have some beautiful beachfront walks even if the weather is unseasonably cold. Reminds us that in a few weeks we will be south where it is hopefully much warmer.

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  1. Audrey Schenk
    Audrey Schenk says:

    Hi guys
    We are the people from orillia meeting you at the hitch house
    Glad you are on the road
    Following you guys and noting the prices you are paying in Canada
    We have found US state parks very reasonable and well equipped ( electric . Water . Pump outs etc )
    But the best are the motorhome resort parks
    We stay at Naples Motorcoach Resort and love it
    We would love to see you visit us , but we are not full time so we are only there certain times
    Will be there in February and March
    Drive safe in that Dutch Star

    John and Audrey Schenk

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      Hello Audrey!

      Lorraine passes along her best. We plan to visit Naples when we are down in Florida. We leave Florida for California on February 6th so perhaps there might be a chance to connect before we head out for the west coast. We will email you once we get closer to February.

      Safe travels!

  2. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    See, I made it here! Wow, no wonder the activity on your first, main blog is a bit sporadic.

    One comment – you realize ‘The Castaway” is better equipped than our home? Wow is all I can say.

    Can you say ‘gobsmacked” I knew you could…. 🙂

    Safe travels, Lorraine and Richard; I look forward to dropping in, if you don’t mind of course…..

    Just curious, do you travel with a St. Christopher medallion?

    “St. Christopher is viewed as a saint of protection, particularly for protection during travel and long voyages. Statues, medals and pictures of St. Christopher are often placed in vehicles for protection from car accidents”.

    • Richard
      Richard says:


      And yes, a bit tough to carry both sites and I need to do a bit of reinvention of the main one.

      The coach has everything we need for roaming around the countryside and then some 🙂

      A wonderful colleague gave me a beautiful St. Christopher medallion for the coach as a retirement gift.

      We carry it with us everywhere we travel now.


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