Seven Days

Seven days.

That is when we make our way south.


Seven days might be more like seven seconds given some of the delays so far.

The replacement awning has left Girard’s factory in California and it is possible that it will arrive to Newmar in Nappanee, Indiana today. If so, it will have arrived to Newmar four days later than expected.

It will take roughly four days to get from Nappanee to our dealer in Barrie, Ontario.

Assuming that Newmar drop ships it today, the earliest we could expect the parts to arrive would be Monday, October 29th. It will take two days to install.

Seven days.

But, if Newmar is late shipping it out, or the parts get delayed crossing the border, then seven days won’t matter. We will be late leaving Canada.

Leaving late means a much tougher drive south. The northernmost stops will close shortly for the season leaving us with limited choices depending on what day we actually leave. Several of our reservations would be forfeited and we would lose our money for those nights.

It has also been unseasonably cold. Overnight lows starting to fall below zero. Driving conditions might be more challenging leaving later.

We have a conference call with the dealer later today and we will find out more about our timing.

I’m hoping to get our Lincoln back today. That might be a bit of a boost to morale.

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