Back To The Dealer

It was warmer atop that glacier in Norway when we there than it is here at the dealership.

We came back to the dealer yesterday to have our awning replaced.

The dealer had damaged the awning almost six weeks ago now when bringing the coach into the service bay. We were stranded here for almost four weeks waiting on the status of the repair. When we determined that the parts would take another two weeks to arrive, we headed down to Sherkston Shores, the site we had booked originally, and set our jacks down there for 10 days. Even though it was unseasonably cold down there, the temperatures were above freezing.

Not here.

We came into snow when we drove into the dealership.

And this morning?

Minus 4 Celsius, or 24 Fahrenheit.

Doesn’t much matter the scale. That is cold. So cold that our heat pumps won’t operate. We have been burning diesel throughout the night to keep the coach warm with our hydronic heating system. And the radiant heat from our floor makes a big difference in terms of how warm the coach feels inside.

Thank heavens we opted for the tank heaters. I had them on overnight as well.

The coach goes in for service first thing this morning. The only complication? The awning is not the correct size. They sent an 18 foot 6 inch awning. Our coach takes an 18 foot awning.

The dealer tells me that they can work around the difference in size.

I’m hoping to learn a bit more on how that is going to work. Maybe the awning extends in front of the coach by six inches?

They plan to have us out Wednesday afternoon.

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