Still Stranded

Status as of 3:30pm today?

Well, not sure. We came back on Monday, hoping to be on our way today. You can see in the photo above that the awning is, well, still not quite right.

Some technical issues that the dealer had to work through with Newmar related to wiring and the new Girard controller unit.

Here’s another shot of the awning getting repaired.

If they do get it finished by end of day today, we will have a pretty tough drive in the dark back to Sherkston Shores and we will get in pretty late. But at least we would be able to keep to our original schedule if we leave for the U.S. tomorrow morning.

If not, then we lose a day and that introduces some challenges to our downward leg.

We will be meeting with the service manager at 4pm today.

Hoping that it will be good news.

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