Mountain Falls, North Carolina

After a long driving day, we arrived at Mountain Falls in North Carolina.

We left Stonewall Jackson this morning at 8am and pulled into our site at Mountain Falls just before 5pm. Only one stop at around 11:30am for fuel.

We get to rest here for a couple of nights before making our way to Hilton Head Island.

I think Lorraine is happy to have a bit of a break. I know I am. The last hour or so coming into Mountain Falls was tense.

I think our GPS led us astray and took us down the worst possible roads for a big rig.

Although we had read about the challenging drive into this particular resort.

If you come here, you had better make sure that you can handle your rig on narrow, twisting mountain roads.

The property itself is beautifully maintained. Our site overlooks a par 3 water hole — there is a golf course that winds its way around the resort — and the fall colours are in full display every where you look..

It will be nice to have a bit of a break from the driving tomorrow. A few tasks in the job jar but otherwise a recovery day.

And the awnings?

They stayed put during the drive. More on that story tomorrow.

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