Security Lights

Security lights. We have two of them. One on either side of our coach. Located midship and fairly high.

As we have our jacks down for a couple of months, I thought it would be nice to turn the patio side security light on. To provide some extra lighting at night and to help us find our way back into our coach when we return from an evening walk with our dog.

Went to the control cabinet to turn the security light on last night.

No light.

By the way, do you ever do this? When something doesn’t work, do you try the same thing over again? Several times? Just to make sure?

I did. Light must work.

No light.

I went back and forth from inside the coach to outside the coach several times to confirm the obvious.

No light.

I tried the driver side security light.

It worked.

I went back to the fuse box — the security lights run off of 12V power. The 20amp fuse for the security lights was fine.

The bulb must have failed. How could an LED light fail so soon?

Answer: it wouldn’t.

The security lights are not LED.

A quick snap from my iPhone and you might make out the outline of a light bulb in the security light.

Definitely not an LED bulb. Surprising.

The bulb is a basic 1156 light bulb which is still a common light bulb in the automotive industry.

I ordered a set of 1156 LED light bulbs which will fit into the existing sockets.

To replace the security lights is fairly straightforward. The lens cover is removed by squeezing the top and bottom of the cover and pinching it out of its holder. And the 1156 LED bulb goes in. Snap the cover back on and, assuming I get the polarity correct, there should be light.

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