House Battery Issues

Our house batteries are in trouble. And I’m not quite sure what to do about them.

I’ve maintained them well over the past three years. We had the coach in at the dealer a few months back and one of the work items was to close a recall on the battery cables. Specifically Newmar Recall 17V 497: Battery Cable May Rub Against Frame (a potential fire hazard).

Perhaps the dealer overlooked what I just found in our battery bay or perhaps the issues only started after we left the dealer. Hard to know.

At first glance, the battery bay doesn’t look too bad when you open it up.

Just needs a good cleaning. At least that is what I thought until I took a closer look.

That can’t be good. Some significant corrosion around most of the battery poles.

And more corrosion where the cables meet the battery poles.

Looks like I have to do some battery maintenance. Hopefully the batteries are still fine.

Not sure where to start.

Googling “battery maintenance RV” now.

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