Stacker Trailers

Probably more of them out there than what I would expect. Stacker trailers.

Most of the motorhomes I see on the road haul a toad. And most of the toads are four down. Every once in a while I see a motorhome hauling a trailer. Not very often mind you. Even then, the trailers look like these ones:

I’ve never seen a stacker trailer on the road. And I hadn’t seen one close up before this week.

This one came into our resort the other day.

It is quite the piece of engineering. I’d hazard to guess that the cost would not be too far off from the cost of some fifth wheel RVs. This particular model is an ATC stacker trailer equipped with a tilt deck stacker lift. There is an elevator inside to lift one vehicle to the upper deck allowing room for another vehicle on the lower deck.

If you’ve not seen one in operation, the folks at ATC produced this video showing how the trailer works.

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  1. Toney Fitzgerald
    Toney Fitzgerald says:

    Nice rig. We choose to pull an enclosed trailer behind our coach with our car inside. Some of the reasons we do:

    1. You can always back it up. Better maneuverability, by far.
    2. We can use any car we want. Does not have to be “toad friendly”
    3. Additional protection for the vehicle you are towing. No road hazard damage.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      It is a very nice rig. Lorraine and I were both impressed by the design and the attention to detail. And great points on the benefits of pulling an enclosed trailer!


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