Super C

I love the Super C class motorhomes. Especially those that come from Show Hauler. Like this one built off an International truck.

I think this build comes pretty close to my brother-in-law’s dream coach.

These are very expensive motorhomes right up there with most Class A Diesel Pushers. They can pull heavier loads, they are safer, and they are built to a high standard.

However, they would not be allowed into Class A restricted parks which, in speaking with some owners of these rigs, leads to some heated discussions.

Perhaps it is just the design. There is no question that the front end looks exactly like a truck. Given the size and the towing capacity, I would not want to bring a rig like this one into a typical RV park and we wanted to have the ability to bring our rig into a variety of properties including some of the really nice Class A RV resorts. Which, sadly, meant a Class A.

I love the driver’s area in the Show Haulers. So cool.

We’re The Russos posted a terrific video on Show Hauler conversions. I hope to walk through a few of these Super C models at the Tampa show next month.

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