RV Water Filters

Simple enough task really. Replacing the water filter in our wet bay. Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing some research on water filters.

It started off with this guy, Tom Hughes, of rvSeniorMoments. He posted a project he did on his water filtration system.

His view is that the single canister-type water filter is totally inadequate. His filtration system includes the following:

  • Water pressure regulator to limit the incoming water pressure. We always use one at the service pedestal but I like the way he has integrated the regulator into his wet bay.
  • Sediment filter to remove particles from 1-5 microns in size.
  • Carbon block filter to remove chemicals, bacteria, lead and other heavy metals.
  • Water softener.
  • Flow meter which measures the water flow in gallons per minute.
  • UV filter to sterilize the water with ultraviolet light.

He also added a reverse osmosis unit for under the sink.

Tom worked with the RV Water Filter Store. After spending some time on the research center page of the RV Water Filter Store website, I came to the conclusion that Lorraine and I should continue to drink bottled water or invest several hundred dollars on upgrading the water treatment in our coach.

Tom’s system is not all that different from the one we had in our previous home in the country. We were on well water and we had spent several thousand dollars on a comprehensive water treatment system.

I spent about $15 on the replacement cartridge. Although better than nothing, the cartridge is not much of a defence against poorly treated water sources.

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