It’s Christmas

We are thoroughly enjoying our time at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. But there is a dark side to the community at Myakka. Yes, the community here is wonderful. Yes, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. But they make you do things. Horrible, unspeakable things.

Be warned. What you are about to see may haunt you forever.

I know. It is a hard thing to witness. And I am sorry to have to share such a shocking and graphic image.

I. am. in. a. dress.

Apparently, I am Gaspar of India, one of the Magi of Bethlehem. I am holding Frankincense and, if you look carefully enough, I am also holding a smartphone, just in case I receive an urgent text or email. My friends were also forced to participate. Two other Magi, Balthasar of Arabia and Melchior of Persia. Oh, and some random shepherd holding a doll.

This was a special event at the resort. A Christmas party. I thought we would dress up a little, not with an actual dress mind you, and enjoy a wonderful meal with our new friends.

However, my hopes were dashed when I was told to remove my clothes, save for underwear, and put on this dress. They called it a costume but I know a dress when I see one. And then we had to march into the dining hall, filled with about 100 people, none of whom wore costumes, and parade to our table.

Everyone in attendance seemed to think it was so cute that we had dressed up for the Christmas party. So much so that about 100 smartphones came out to capture our parade and post it to social media accounts.

An evening I will never forget. And don’t let the smile on my face lead you to believe that I was having a good time. It was simply an allergic reaction to the Frankincense.

Although I did have a wonderful dinner with an angel that night.

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  1. Van
    Van says:

    Thank you for the warning! Note to self – avoid frankincense and myrrh too. Rather than risk the humiliation you endured (and unless a forest campground or Walmart parking lot is unavailable), hence forth we will avoid staying at motorcoach resorts. Except for all the smiles and that angel who was obviously attracted to those legs, I see nothing nothing I like about wearing a dress! I think I’ll stick with a white fur trimmed red suit 🙂 Merry Christmas!


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