Time to Leave

Not yet. We are at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort until the end of January.

We have a fairly large number of coaches leaving over the next few days which may, or may not, have something to do with the following change in rental rates.

All of the RV resorts in Florida have peak and non-peak rates. For Myakka, the current monthly non-peak rental rates for the various site types are:

Those rates change in a few days.

Quite the jump. Obviously Florida is a very popular destination in the winter. A few other Class A resorts start their peak rates earlier. In December. And the rates, like Myakka, more than double from the non-peak rates.

For Canadian snowbirds, the peak rates are much higher in our native currency: $4,000 CAD a month for the river front view.

Given the pullback in the stock markets and the drop in the Canadian dollar, Lorraine and I have been looking at our options for next winter. This one looks promising although I am not sure whether we can fit our Class A and toad. The sites look a bit tight.

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