Detailing Wheels

A clean coach is a happy coach.

I enjoy spending time keeping the coach clean. And happy. When our coach is happy, well, I am happy.

As a consequence, I carry a lot of detailing products. I am a big fan of the Chemical Guys. But I also use products from Griot’s Garage and McKees 37.

A nice set of wheels can really set the look of a coach. Hard to keep them clean when travelling out on the road but whenever the jacks are going to be down for more than a few days, out come the detailing products. Here are a couple of my wheels after detailing:

A nice sheen. Not too glossy.

I use Blue Magic to clean, polish and protect the aluminum wheels.

I had been using McKees 37 RV UV50 Tire Clean and Protect for the tires. Their website still makes reference to the product here. But sadly that specific product is now discontinued. Which is too bad because I really loved this product for the tires.

I wrote them a note to see if they had a substitute product. Which, of course, they do. They assured me that it is the exact same great formulation of the RV UV50 Tire Clean and Protect and that the new product is labelled McKees 37 Gloss Tire Gel.

This video provides more information. Recommended if you want the tires on your coach to look their best. And yes, I know about 303 products. I have used that product in the past and it is a fine choice however I prefer McKees 37 on my tires for the sheen, UV protection and the long-lasting formula.

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