Lost Cat

“One of our guests is missing his tan Rafamuffin cat.” So read the email alert from the resort office yesterday.

Wilson, the name of the cat, left his coach just before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Wilson’s home is this Marathon coach which was built back in the late 1990s. The owner was staying at Myakka for a few days along with some friends in another coach, a Beaver, also built in the late 1990s.

The two owners are actively racing cars. The owner of the lost cat shared with me a recent record for one of his vintage roadsters, powered by an Offenhauser engine. The car had set a speed record of 181mph based on two runs of 176mph and 185mph. Hot Rod covered the run at Bonneville and this is one of their photos from the day:

The owner of the lost cat was on his way to auction off several vintage cars including the Offy powered roadster to help fund his retirement.

His cat, Wilson, had been by his side for 11 years.

I’m not sure how the cat left the coach so late at night. And there are numerous predators in this area so I hope Wilson survived.

The owner stayed on the grounds for several hours after his checkout to look for his cat.

He has left now but I do not know whether Wilson was found.

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