Lost and Found

Wilson, the lost cat, was found. Yesterday, one of the guests at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort had lost his cat and he wasn’t prepared to leave the resort until Wilson was found.

The cat ultimately returned to the site at around 3pm. The guest then took his cat and continued on his way.

A happy ending.

Our youngest son had come down for Christmas break and he made his way back to Canada yesterday. Although certainly not lost like Wilson the cat, he is now missing from our coach which makes me a bit sad. It was so nice to have him here with us for the past two weeks.

He made it back to Toronto safe and sound. He had no issues at the gates and no issues with Canada customs. He travels with a Nexus card which makes the travel process between Canada and the United States a little easier. He spent about 5 minutes getting through the security at Tampa and about 5 minutes clearing customs in Toronto.

Here is a family shot taken just before he left. Posing people is so much easier than posing Golden Retrievers but I managed to get one shot with Tabby looking at the camera. Countdown timer set at 12 seconds which gave me just enough time to get back to the family and to encourage Tabby to look forward. Did this 15 times before we found a keeper.

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