2019 Florida RV Supershow

This will be our first visit to the Florida RV Supershow. We have been to the other large RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania a few times and I think we know what to expect in terms of the crowds and the vendors.

We purchased our tickets in advance. You can buy your tickets online here. Getting them ahead of time will save you a bit of money, 9 dollars per admission as opposed to 10 dollars, and it gives you a second day admission at no extra charge. You have to pick up the second day ticket when your first day ticket gets scanned at the gate.

We will be heading out to the show from Myakka River Motorcoach Resort tomorrow morning. The drive is roughly 90 minutes and we plan to leave by 7:00am. The gates open at 9:00am.

A number of our friends left with their coaches yesterday. We are leaving our coach behind for this event as we will be spending only one day at the show.

From what I have learned, we have to bring some cash along. Parking at the Fairgrounds is cash only, 8 dollars a car, and some of the food vendors likely only take cash as well.

Weather looks like it will be comfortable tomorrow. Sunny and mild.

There is a show app that we will have with us along with a camera. I’ve taken a look at the map and the list of seminars although we will pick up the paper versions at the show.

I have one major item on my list that I would like to buy at the show if I can get a good deal: a Marathon, perhaps a Newell or even a Foretravel.

Just don’t tell Lorraine. It will be our secret, okay?

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