Border Crossing

It seems like it was so long ago that we crossed the border into the United States.

Three months. Roughly.

I still remember that border crossing. It was such a tough drive.

We had been stranded at the dealer for six weeks. Then we headed down to Sherkston Shores near the Peace Bridge border crossing but, unfortunately, we had to return to the dealer, nearly four hours away, before starting our drive down.

The dealer took longer than expected to make the final repairs to the front awning of our coach and we left much later than planned on November 1st. Closer to 5:00pm.

At that time of year, Canada gets dark early. By the time we left the dealership, the rain had become very intense. Traffic through the Greater Toronto Area was a mess.

Driving in the dark, in the rain, to cross the border, was not the best move.

And I did not take into account that there would be so much construction on the way to our first stop in Erie, Pennsylvania.

We made it safely to Erie after an exhausting drive.

Note to self: do not drive large motorcoaches at night, in the rain unless absolutely necessary.

Here is the video from that fateful evening:

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