Break and Enter

They broke in at 1:08 am. According to the cameras at the front gate. And they went site by site, breaking into any car that had unlocked doors, which was pretty much the whole park.

There is a bit of a false sense of security, being within a gated community, that you will somehow be immune from petty crime.

Not so.

The police are out in full force at the park. Two forensic units, 3 cruisers and one detective unit. As I write this post, one of the forensic officers is taking pictures of my car. Inside and out.

It appears as though the thieves were only looking for money. They went through our car, opening the storage areas within the centre console as well as the glovebox. We had sunglasses, our supplementary braking system, detailing products and a few other odds and ends. Those are all still in the car.

The thieves did leave residue from their break and enter. Those of you who know me well, know that I am very particular about detailing the car. I would never, ever tolerate suntan lotion smeared over the interior areas of the vehicle. I cleaned everything up before the forensic crew came along.


I made it difficult, likely impossible, for the forensic officer to lift fingerprints.

We were fortunate in that nothing of value was taken from our car.

Did we have money in the car? Absolutely. All of the money was in Canadian currency. Loonies, toonies, quarters.

The thieves decided that the value of the Canadian dollar was so low that they left our Canadian money alone. They may have been petty thieves but they understood the value of a Canadian dollar.

Looks like we have to make sure that we keep everything locked up for the night. Might need to get a couple of security monitors for the coach.

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