Leaving Myakka

We did it. We finally left Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. We love this place and we will be back in November.

The owners? Awesome. The community? Also awesome. We have made some wonderful friends and I am already missing them even though we have only been gone for a day.

Our first stop on our trip to California is the Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort. It is about a 3-hour drive from Myakka. We are not much closer to California but we have moved enough now to get back into the mode of travelling with our motorcoach. It is easy to forget how to do the little things, like hook up the toad, when you stay put for a few months.

This is our spot for the evening.

We have a longer drive tomorrow although we will still be in the state of Florida.

And a video about the day’s drive. A little excitement on the way. Most drivers are unaware of how much longer the stopping distance is for a motorcoach. I am very much aware of our stopping distance.

Holy cow.

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