Myakka Stowaways

Looks like we have a few extra passengers from Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. Freeloaders really. They jumped aboard our coach without so much as a please and thank you.

They expect to be taken all the way to California.

Who are these hooligans?

They are, well, they are rocks.

Like this one.

We have three of them on board. We will take them to Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort and we will hide them in plain sight.

And we will check on their status to see if they have been taken.

I had not heard of this practice of painting rocks until last week. People paint rocks, and most of the paintings are very artistic, and then they paint a Facebook link on the back.

A rock gets placed in a spot where it could be found, taken, and placed into a new spot.

We’ll see how far our stowaways might travel. Perhaps they will find their way back to Myakka.

Getting ready to lift our jacks and hook up our toad.

This is our starting point out of the resort today. A five-hour drive ahead. Just about right in terms of a day’s drive.

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  1. Antoinette
    Antoinette says:

    Thanks again for participating in the kindness rocks phenomenon. Rock on Richard, Lorraine and Tabby. Find myself waiting for the new posts now.

  2. Ann Hodges
    Ann Hodges says:

    I think you and Lorraine should join us in the fall at the clubhouse for “Paint and Sip”! You bring the wine and I’ll bring the rocks/paint! ☺️🎨


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