Desert Stock

Desert Shores is the nicest RV Resort we have visited to date. We have stayed at a number of nice places including Hearthside Grove, Mountain Falls, Myakka River, and Heritage. All beautiful places.

Desert Shores is at the top of our list. It is a stunning RV Resort and it is priced accordingly.

Perhaps this is why some of the conversion companies host special events at places like Desert Shores.

Marathon was out in full force for an event called Desert Stock. This event, likely a play on the Desert Shores name along with a not too subtle reference to Woodstock, took place on Saturday evening.

Marathon brought seven coaches out to the event. One was a bare chassis, the others were all for sale.

Beautiful coaches. I really liked this one.

But, at roughly $2.5 million CAD, this coach was just a wee bit out of my range.

There were others. Certified, pre-owned coaches. Like this one.

Unfortunately, not pre-owned long enough. I’d have to look at something that was pre-owned for a heck of lot longer. Takes a bit of time for depreciation to work its magic on these coaches.

It was fun to look though. They were all lined up and thoroughly detailed for the event.

The event started at 1pm. At a nearby stage, bands would soon be playing hits from the 70s and 80s. Classical music from the Bee Gees, Eagles and the Rolling Stones.

Although I would never spend the money to purchase a Marathon coach, I do appreciate the Canadian business that builds the chassis.

Prevost, pronounced “pray-voh”, is part of the Volvo buses group. Based in Quebec, pronounced “kay-beck”, Prevost is the chassis of choice for many of the high-end luxury motorhome companies.

Marathon had a bare Prevost chassis coach on site. It was all white on the outside as Marathon paints their coaches, and nothing but a driver’s seat on the inside. It was interesting to see what a million or so adds to a bare chassis.

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    • Richard
      Richard says:

      I hear you! I think a gently used King Aire makes a lot more sense as our next coach. Or perhaps a well cared for Essex 😉

  1. Van
    Van says:

    “It costs a little more to go first class!”

    Yes it does, and sometimes you get what you pay for… Marathon’s timeless all metal million-mile construction, understated class without the fake glitz and quality workmanship beyond compare is why even one of their early coaches would be my choice over any of the plastic palaces. At Quartzsite I had the pleasure of seeing a “shortie” all stainless 1999 Marathon and was totally impressed. My tour guide was a former M380 owner and it was interesting to hear his take on the two coaches. He was stopping by Desert Shores after our rally.

    • Ron Hodges
      Ron Hodges says:

      Nice to see you are open minded to all options! Sounds like we need to make a trip to Sunny California! Enjoy my Canadian Buddy! Also alway keep ur Robertson by your side!😊


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