There Is Always Something Part One

That is, there is always something going wrong. You quickly find out that with a motorcoach.

The drive from Florida to California was our longest drive to date. And I was worried that we might have a major mechanical issue on the trip.

Fortunately, we did not.

We did, however, run into several issues. Some I can handle, some, well I’m just not sure what to do.

Let’s start with part one, the HWH Leveling system. The HWH Leveling system deflates the airbags, deploys the jacks and stabilizes the coach to a level position when staying at a site. It also retracts the jacks when it is time to travel.

This system had been working as expected until we arrived at the Van Horn RV Park in Texas.

When departing, we ran into a little bit of trouble.

I follow a detailed checklist for arrivals and departures. I have them printed out on 5.5 x 8.5 card stock and I keep them by the driver’s seat. The checklist ensures that I follow a specific routine before moving or setting up the coach. Important for safety.

As we were getting ready to go, a problem happened just before the second engine start on the CIRCLE CHECK: SAFE START section of the checklist:

I had a warning light on my dash that the jacks had not retracted. My HWW Leveling panel showed a red light in this position.

Hmmm. The jacks had retracted earlier in the checklist activities and I had a green light for travel mode. Why is it now showing a red light?

I asked Lorraine to visually confirm if all of the jacks had retracted fully.

The jacks were all up.

I pressed the AUTO STORE button again and, after a few minutes, the red light went out and the TRAVEL MODE light was green. We finished the rest of our checklist and proceeded to our next stop without incident.

This happened at our next departure as we were leaving Chandler, Arizona. I took the same steps as before and the TRAVEL MODE light again went green. Odd.

I read through the HWH Leveling manual last night and it is not obvious to me as to why the system is flagging an extended jack after fully — and successfully — retracting all of the jacks. I’ll post on the iRV2 forum to see if anyone else has experienced the issue and I will make a call to my friends at Newmar. They might know what I should do to resolve the issue.

If we are stuck without a green light for TRAVEL MODE, we won’t be moving the coach very far.


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