Retirement Cards

We love to stay in touch with the people that we meet on the road. What do we use? Retirement cards and our website.

We had run out of our first set of retirement cards. We had ordered them from MOO in July of 2018.

We are now on our second run of retirement cards. They came in yesterday.

This was release one:

And our newest release:

We decided that we should include a picture of ourselves on the card. And, perhaps in a future release, a picture of ourselves with Tabby, our golden retriever.

The first card featured a photo of our coach at Petoskey Motorcoach Resort which is now operating as Petoskey RV Resort.

The new card features a photo of our coach at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. We do miss that place! The photo of us is the same one that we use on our website. This was a photo taken at a family wedding in Venice, Florida in 2015.

The people we hope to stay connected with will usually receive a card from us and, if appropriate, we send them an invitation to join the mailing list on our website. That requires an email address. And, sadly, the folks that agree to joining our mailing list receive a daily email from yours truly.

Except on weekends. Thank heavens for small mercies.

We get our retirement cards from MOO. Great service and quality.

Our website runs WordPress self-hosted at Siteground. They run over 2 million domains and they do an awesome job for us.

A few ways that have allowed us to stay in touch with our friends and family as we travel.

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  1. Sandy and Chet
    Sandy and Chet says:

    Your new cards look great. We enjoy reading your postings and seeing where you are. Looks like you have been enjoying some wonderful scenery.
    All the best as you continue on your travels and enjoying this time together.

  2. Ann Hodges
    Ann Hodges says:

    Beautiful photos, Richard and Lorraine! Believe me when I say, you are both missed at MRMR as much as you miss this place. Remind us to get your “new” retirement card on Nov 1st!! 😎

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      Lorraine makes a HUGE difference in the beauty of one of those photos 🙂

      We’ll keep one set aside for you for sure!


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