Going To Walk The Dog

Something was very, very wrong with our beautiful golden retriever. And it all started when we arrived at Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort.

Blackness. Terrible, awful blackness.

All over her paws, rising up about six inches or so on her legs.

No longer a golden golden.

A black and golden golden.

Bewildered, we could not identify the root cause of this condition.

Tabby was perfectly fine in all other respects. She was her normal, happy self.

But her paws and lower legs were black. Black, black, black.

We tried cleaning out the blackness on her legs and paws. And it seemed to work but only overnight. Then it returned.

It was a rough, granular, tacky material.

Almost like, hmmm, almost like an asphalt coating.

Which it was.

Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort had treated the asphalt a few years ago and the residue was transferring to her paws every time we took her out for a walk.

Since we prefer Tabby to look nice and clean, we went out and bought her some shoes.

Here is a quick video of her trying them on.

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