Homeward Bound

Four more weeks. And then we make our way back to Canada. I cannot believe how quickly our time south has passed.

We have stayed in some wonderful properties and we have enjoyed some wonderful experiences. Of course, the sun and palm trees do help to make all of this time a memorable experience.

Trip planning is a big part of the RV lifestyle. Lorraine and I spent the weekend pulling together our plans for the long drive home — 2,800 miles and 44 driving hours not including breaks and fuel stops. We also had help from some of our friends.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the trip:

We will leave Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort on April 14th and we will drive 5 hours to Distant Drums RV Resort in Camp Verde, Arizona. We will spend two nights at Distant Drums partly because of its proximity to Sedona. We love to hike in the Sedona area.

From there we will drive 8 hours to Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch in Alto, New Mexico. This Class A restricted park was recommended to us and we are going to spend two nights at Ruidoso. It looks like a beautiful spot.

Then a relatively short drive to Oasis RV Resort in Amarillo, Texas. 5 hours. One night only.

Another short drive. This one for just under 4 hours. And another park recommendation from a friend, Mustang Run RV Park, located in Yukon, Oklahoma. One night only.

A 5 hour drive will take us to Ozarks RV Resort on Table Rock Lake, Oak Grove, Arkansas. A stunning resort property and we will spend two nights there.

The next stop will be an overnight stay at Sundermeier RV Park in St. Charles, Missouri. It will take us less than 5 hours to reach Sundermeier from Ozarks.

We will make a 6 hour drive to reach the Newmar Factory in Nappanee, Indiana. We will arrive the afternoon of April 23rd. Our coach will be in service for three days and we will leave Nappanee either on the Saturday, April 27th, or possibly on the Sunday, April 28th. The only reason for delaying the trip by one day is timing the border crossing. Saturdays can be much heavier days to cross the U.S. Canada border.

We will cross the border in Port Huron and, after about 7 hours or so, we will reach the Niagara KOA and stay there for a few nights before our final stop in Barrie, Ontario.

It does take a surprising amount of time to plan all of the details for a trip like this one including planning all of the fuel stops.

Bittersweet to be planning the trip back to Canada. We have really enjoyed our first year as Snowbirds and we are so looking forward to returning south in November.

And, yes, we have already made our bookings for our next trip south and our next stay in Florida. Important to plan ahead.

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  1. Owen
    Owen says:

    Hey Richard – any particular trails you’d recommend re: hiking in Sedona? Will be heading there in about two weeks myself.

    Really enjoying your blog!

  2. Owen Kelly
    Owen Kelly says:

    Hi Richard – wow – thanks so much – that is super helpful – very jealous of all the time you’ve been able to spend in the high desert (although certainly well earned) – such a magical place!

    Enjoy the rest of your time out west…and hopefully no major mechanical issues on the way back! 🙂


  3. Owen Kelly
    Owen Kelly says:

    Hi Richard – thanks again for the tips – we did about 40km of hikes and 20km of mountain biking in just over 2 days. We did end up hitting Brins Mesa and then continued on to do a sizable loop all the way around Devil’s bridge complex (in case of interest: Brins Mesa > Dry Creek Road > Lizard Head Trail > Thunder Mountain > Teacup Trail > Cibola Pass Trail > Arrive back at Trailhead).

    As a suggestion, we really enjoyed the Mescal Mountain Loop – we both hiked and later mountain biked it – really nice views – not too gruelling – about 10km total: https://www.hikingproject.com/trail/7029458/mescal-mountain-loop

    Thanks again!

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      That, my friend, is a ton of hiking in two days! Well done.

      And, given the issues I’ve been having with one of my feet, a not too gruelling hike sounds about right for when we are there next week.

  4. Owen Kelly
    Owen Kelly says:

    Haha – for once I was actually relieved to sit on the plane for 5 hours! Yes, Mescal is probably about as easy as it gets around there from looking at the topo trail maps – there are elevation changes but not very noticeable except for a couple of obvious spots – a very nice stroll in the desert. Take care of that foot!



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