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We spent several hours yesterday with David Byrd, one of the RV Lifestyle Specialists for Liberty Coach. We had dinner with David a few days before and he kindly offered to take us through a couple of coaches that Liberty has on site at Motorcoach Country Club, a Class A motorcoach resort located just a few minutes from Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort in Indio, California aka Palm Springs.

David is a wonderful man. We share a lot of common interests.

Both Liberty coaches he had on site were used. I loved the 2018 Elegant Lady #849-A. We will take a bit of a walkthrough of that coach in this post. Some of the photos are ones that we took and some of the photos are from Liberty Coach.

This coach is well above our price range at roughly $2 million although I suspect that price has a bit of room to maneuver, perhaps $1.8 million?

A bit of background about the major conversion companies. The largest one by sales volume is Marathon. Then Liberty, Millennium and Featherlite. These companies will take a Prevost chassis and from that chassis create a luxury motorhome.

Liberty is certainly a premier company and perhaps a bit above the other three conversion companies. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the coach. It is built to a standard that is well above the higher volume Class A diesel pusher companies like Tiffin and Newmar. Hence the multi-million dollar price tag.

Lorraine looks like she would fit in just fine with this coach.

What she is really thinking? Richard, don’t you dare buy this coach!

No question that this is a stunning machine. I loved it. But not the price.

Here is a company shot of the exterior.

And a few interior shots. First two are from Liberty, the balance from shots we took within the coach.

Main living area.


Dining area.



All right. So you get the idea.

This is a beautiful coach. Inside and out.

Liberty was started about 50 years ago as a family business. Founded by Frank and Jeanne Konigseder, Frank Jr. and Kurt run the business these days. Kim Konigseder is the interior designer, responsible for what you see in the interior shots of this coach. She has worked on over 500 Liberty coaches.

This video highlights six reasons why you might consider Liberty as your next coach.

Keep in mind that Liberty Coach sees most of its sales from resale units. They might sell 15 to 20 new coaches a year but they will sell 50 or more resale units a year.

I could debate whether there is some price protection being managed by Liberty with their older coaches, but a ten to twelve year old unit is still an amazing machine.

You can download a pdf of the technical specifications for this coach here. If you enjoy the engineering side of the build, that pdf should answer any questions you might have about the machine.

One day.


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