The Trouble With Jack

One jack. Only one. Always in the same spot. Here.

Red lights. Never a good thing. This is what the jack looks like under the coach when it is deployed.

When we retract this jack the HWH system thinks it is still deployed making it somewhat difficult to get the coach moving.

This problem started when we made our big move from Florida to California. I would go through my checklist, retract the jacks and then the red light would show up.

We visually confirmed that all of our jacks were fully retracted even though the HWH system was showing that one jack was still down.

I would then step backwards in my checklist and try again.

The HWH would clear the red light now believing the previously retracted jack had retracted and we were then good to travel.

I did post a question on the iRV2 forum about this issue and then contacted Newmar support directly. They suggested I check the springs on the jack and lubricate the pole. They suspect that one or both of the springs might be a bit loose or that the pole needs a bit of lubrication. And not to worry. If we cannot clear the HWH fault, give them a call. There is a backdoor method that is quick and easy to override the HWH fault.

As we have the coach going in to service at Newmar at the end of April, I’m not going to worry about this little problem. I may have to continue retracting the jacks a second time for each day that we are driving and, if that doesn’t continue to work, I can give my friends at Newmar a call for the backdoor method.

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    I’m sure after your description of the good folks on iRV2 that everyone on there , of which i’m one, will just fall all over themselves to help you.
    There’s a lot of good people and good ideas there.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      My apologies Bill!

      It was probably not clear in my post that this was only one person’s response and an outlier. I’ll clear that up in the post. And I’m sure we have all seen one person act inappropriately on social forums from time to time 🙂

      I am on iRV2 every day and generally find the tone to be quite fair hence my surprise at the response of this one person.

      Thanks for pointing that out. There are lots of good people and ideas there FOR SURE!


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