Newmar Factory Service Center Maintenance

Time to service our wagon. Newmar offers a factory service maintenance package, one that we will be using as we make our way back to Canada.

Now, if we had the time, I would like to go to the Freightliner Factory Service Center in Gaffney, South Carolina, to have the 36-month service completed. However, we are not going to be anywhere near the Gaffney location this year. We will stop there for our 48-month service on our way back to Canada in April of 2020.

Newmar it will be for the 36-month service.

Curious to know what Newmar will be doing to our coach in a few weeks? Of course you are. No detail will be spared in listing out the gory details of maintaining the Cleaver coach.

Newmar sends you forms. A bit outdated from a technology perspective. Basically, you receive a scanned copy of a paper document which you then print it out because the pdf is not a fillable electronic form and you have to initial each requested service item on the document, rescan it back into a pdf and email the completed form to Newmar.

Oh, and you should do this well in advance of your visit. The Newmar factory is a very busy place and bookings for service are best done 4 to 6 months ahead. We had made our initial appointment back in December of last year for the end of April this year. Finalizing all of the details on the factory service was done in February.

This was the paperwork. One page for the chassis.

And a second page for the coach.

We’ll look at the details for our service stop and then the cost as I know the images above are a bit of an eye test.

For the chassis:

Inspect belts, hoses, clamps and air restriction guage
Lubricate mechanical fan system
Replace air cleaner
Check alternator chassis batteries and starter
Inspect belts and belt tensioners
Lube throttle pedal and brake pedal pivot points and slides
Change engine oil and filter
Replace fuel filter and fuel/water separator
Inspect wheel seals and axle breather
Change lube oil in oil filled hubs (steer and tag axles)
Change lube oil in drive axle and clean magnetic plug
Change power steering/hydraulic reservoir fluid and filters
Change lube oil in fan gear box and lube joints
Service air dryer
Replace coolant filter and check coolant level
Lube chassis, check fluid levels and drain air tanks
Inspect brake linings, hoses, valves, slack adjusters
Inspect fuel tank mounting and fuel lines
Inspect suspension and height control valves
Inspect exhaust system
Inspect crankcase breather
Replace transmission fluid and filters

For the coach:

Inspect and clean slide out rollers
Service roof air conditioners
Inspect roof sealants
Inspect slide outs for proper seal
Perform generator oil, fuel and air filter change
Refrigerator annual maintenance
Service Oasis water heater
Water pressure/leak test/flush system/sanitize all tanks
Service jacking system

With our discount applied, the total cost is $3,891 USD for both chassis and coach service. For those of us paying in a devalued Canadian currency, that translates to about 5,300 loonies (Canadian dollars).

I did contact Freightliner to get a quote on a 36-month service and, keeping in mind that both companies offer somewhat different levels of maintenance service — Freightliner is focused primarily on the chassis and not on the coach — the price at Freightliner was definitely better. Unfortunately our travels take us along a different route and we do need to keep the coach maintained especially with our long distance drives across North America.

At any rate, looking forward to the visit to Newmar and getting all of these maintenance items completed.

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