Are You Coming Back?

“Are you coming back?”

I’ve been asked that question several times now. And yes, we are definitely coming back to the U.S. in the fall. We are booked into Myakka River Motorcoach Resort for the season.

The question we are being asked is a bit more specific: are we coming back to Desert Shores?

This is a beautiful spot. It is one of the nicest places we have visited with our coach. A true oasis in the desert.

We won’t be coming back to Desert Shores next year.

There are a few reasons. The devalued Canadian dollar being one of them. If we were to return here year after year, we would have to purchase as the lease rates are too high for a seasonal stay. And purchasing anything major in the States right now with the current value of the Canadian dollar would really hurt the bank account.

Although difficult to time highs and lows, it is not difficult to see highs and lows. U.S. real estate values: high. Canadian dollar: low.

Another reason is community. We really connected with the community at Myakka and at our church in Port Charlotte. It isn’t that people are less friendly at Desert Shores, it was an entirely different experience for us in Florida. I suspect part of that difference is with the owners of Myakka, Ralf and Amber. They are very active with their property and they have created a special place at Myakka and we truly miss it.

We also need to see if a seasonal stay is something we would enjoy. Our initial vision was that we would do a lot of travelling in our coach. We did that this year but in a really compressed timeframe. It felt like we were rushing to get down to Florida and rushing to get across to California.

We might find a seasonal stay to be too long to remain in one place. We’ll find out soon enough.

It has been wonderful to connect with family and friends in Florida and California. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed both areas.

We will come back to California again.

Just not next year.

Unless I do something silly and buy a site here.

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  1. Ron Hodges
    Ron Hodges says:

    My Canadian Buddy….You must always remember….it only costs a little more to go first class!😊😊. Just make sure your lots are big enough for a Dutch Star and an Essex! Hope to c u soon!


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