Talk To The Hand

I just do not get rude salespeople.


Before I go there.

A bit of background.

I know I posted yesterday that we would not be back to California next year unless I did something silly, like buy a site.

Today we went shopping for a site.

We were really interested to learn more about the ownership opportunities at Motorcoach Country Club. And, for some perspective, we wanted to compare the ownership opportunities at Motorcoach Country Club with the Outdoor Resort Indio.

We have not purchased a site in this area but if we were to do so, Motorcoach Country Club would be a very strong contender.

Like Desert Shores, Motorcoach Country Club is a beautiful place. One of the shots of the property from their website. You can check out the full gallery here.

We called both resorts earlier this week to arrange meetings. Motorcoach Country Club for today at 10am and Outdoor Resort Indio for today at 12noon.

We showed up a few minutes before 10am at Motorcoach Country Club. We were greeted at the front desk and announced to the salesperson. He was running a few minutes late but he came out of his office on his phone to let us know that he would be right with us.

And he finished his call promptly.

He introduced himself. We introduced ourselves. We talked about our budget and what kind of sites we wanted and he took us out for about an hour or so to see the available inventory.

He was clearly skilled at selling real estate and he was a well developed, personal salesperson.

Kinda what you would expect from someone in a sales role. Courteous and helpful.

Outdoor Resort Indio?

Our appointment had been set for 12 noon at Outdoor Resort Indio.

We arrived a few minutes before 12 noon.

Now, I admit, I have a pretty strong value around punctuality. If I make an appointment for 12 noon, I will be there for 12 noon. I expect the same from the other party. Lorraine is far more easygoing on this front.

We checked in at the front desk and we were told that the salesperson was busy and might be another 10 minutes or so.

About 15 minutes later, an unidentified person entered the lobby and handed us some papers.

“Here,” she said, “took a look at the list of available lots.”

And then she left without saying another word.

Initially I thought that this was someone who worked at the front desk. I did not know that this was our salesperson.

We continued to wait.

30 minutes from our original appointment, the person who had handed us those papers came back.

“I am so busy. Another lot sold. I will take you out now. Let’s go.”

She did not introduce herself.

And she did not ask for our names.

No “Hello”.

No “How are you.”

No “I am sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Nope. We were interrupting her busy day.

As we walked outside, I stopped by the door. My punctuality value had reached its limit.

She continued walking but then she discovered that I wasn’t with her.

She turned around.

“Since this appears to be an imposition on your valuable time, we won’t be heading out to take a look at any of your sites.”

She appeared puzzled.

I continued, calm and polite, like a good Canadian, eh.

“My perception is that you have been quite rude. You kept us waiting without any apology. You did not introduce yourself. You haven’t even asked us for our names.”

I waited for a response.

Perhaps a response like this one.

“I am so sorry. I had an unexpected call. I really want to show you our beautiful resort and I would love to have you make us your home away from home.”


Nothing like that at all.


Talk to the hand.

“Well, I am so busy right now.”


We said goodbye and we left.

Puzzled at this approach to selling lots. More of an order taker role I guess. Business must be very brisk at that resort property.

Oh well.

We had a wonderful time looking at the lots at Motorcoach Country Club. Very nice place.

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  1. Van
    Van says:

    If you can appreciate everything Vegas offers, you might consider swinging by Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort for a tour on your way back north. It’s not as upscale as MCC but offers a whole lot more (since it’s only two interstate highway exits from the strip & Caesars/Belagio corner). Even better is it’s not in California, so entry prices as well as taxes are almost certainly less. We have stayed there a couple times and were impressed.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      Lorraine and I both enjoy the Vegas area, particularly the national parks that are within a day’s travel from the strip. We had a chance to visit LVM last year and it is a very nice spot!

      Taxes are certainly high in California. Reminds me of back home 😉


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