Leaving Southern California

Four more days before we begin the long drive back to Canada.

Yesterday, the temperatures in Indio, California reached 102 Fahrenheit or 39 Celsius.

A dry heat.

Back home it was 40 Fahrenheit or 4 Celsius.

A cold heat. Or maybe just plain cold.

Might need to pick up a sweater or two if things don’t warm up by the time we get back at the end of April.

We’ve enjoyed our time here in Southern California. Lorraine will miss the flowers that are everywhere in this part of Palm Springs.

I will miss the view from the front of our coach.

We will both miss the beauty of the surrounding area. We took Tabby out for a walk the other night just south of our resort.

And the trail was filled with a unique beauty that we don’t see in places like Florida, or back home in Canada.

There is life in the high desert. We had to step carefully at times. At sunset, we came across dozens of spiders on the trail. Lorraine paused for a moment and, before she knew it, one was crawling up her foot.

I confess that I have arachnophobia. Big time. But the pull of getting a shot overcomes the fear of spiders.

If you look carefully on the lower part of the trail in the photo above, you can see the footprints of the spiders. They are HUGE down here.

Then again, the footprints might have been left by our golden retriever.

Sunsets are different here than in Florida.

A shot taken from the front of our site at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort in Florida.

And a shot taken from our evening walk the other night.

Hard to beat those sunsets in Florida. Also hard to beat are the no-see-ums in Florida.

The next few days will be spent getting ourselves ready to go. It is a bit like moving a house. Well, more than a bit like moving a house. Our coach is a moving house after all. We have systems to check, bays and storage areas to re-organize, GPS devices to program.

We will miss this area for sure although we are very much looking forward to returning to family and friends in Canada.

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  1. Ron Hodges
    Ron Hodges says:

    Don’t forget to pack ur Robertson! Safe travels Richard …..we pull out Friday 5:30 am c u on the road! 😊

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      I still haven’t stopped by Harbor Freight for a few “standard” tools 😉

      Safe travels to you as well. Miss you guys and looking forward to seeing you later this year!

  2. Ken Hardesty
    Ken Hardesty says:


    What a beautiful place.

    Where was the photo taken (exactly please) that has the palm trees in the background, with all the floral shrubs by the pond? I tried to copy same, but your photo format wouldn’t allow me to do so. Please send that photo to me in a separate email so that I can have it for reference – Thanks.

    I’m big on landscaping and I want to call this place (what’s the name of that resort?) and talk to their gardener to find out the name’s of those stunning plants.

    Those floral plants looked like azalea’s, or maybe rhododendrons.

    Have a great trip back home – if you’re passing through Dallas, give me a shout.

    You, Lorraine and Tabby have “Safe Travels” back to Canada.

    Ken Hardesty

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      Hello Ken,

      I took that image as I was standing directly in front of our coach on site 138 at the Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort in Indio, California. The camera angle was to the right side of our site. I’ll pass you a copy of the image via email. Office hours are a bit hit and miss at Desert Shores. I will see if I can find out some more information for you. The resort property is stunning and there are three water treatments like the one in the photo.



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