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We are at the mothership. The place where it all started. At least for our coach. Newmar. Nappanee. Indiana.

We arrived late yesterday afternoon. 2,325 miles from our starting point in California. We will be here four days. Three of those days the coach will be in the service bay.

Bay 41.

The service bay area is huge and exceptionally clean. Our service technician very helpful and knowledgeable. And I can drop by to check on the coach anytime I wish, although best to let them do their magic.

The sites in front of the new customer service centre are not yet open. We are spending our nights in a gravel parking lot near one of the production areas of the Newmar factory. Not fancy but functional. We have full hookups.

Early start. We woke up at 5am although it felt much earlier as we lost yet another hour in our journey back to Canada from California.

Our service technician was at our coach by 6am. We drove a couple of miles to the new customer service centre. Beautiful spot with well appointed customer lobbies, one for owners with pets, one for “unpets”.

We are here with several couples, passing the time by sharing our stories and experiences with our coaches.

Tired from the long drive but we are finally within a day’s drive of home. Looking forward to seeing our family and our Canadian friends again. And looking forward to getting the coach serviced and a few of the lingering issues with the coach resolved.

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  1. Tara
    Tara says:

    We’re super excited to see you!! The kids keep asking when Grandma and Grandpa are back in Ontario 😉😁 Can’t wait!


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