2020 Newmar New Aire

I love the idea of the New Aire. It is a beautiful coach. A wee bit too small for the both of us. I mean, we already find a 40-foot coach to be a bit too small. Going to a coach with less storage, one less washroom, and a queen-sized bed? Not now.

When we were at the anniversary show put on by the Hitch House last weekend, we had a chance to walk around several coaches including a 2019 New Aire 3343. This is the floor plan from that coach:

And the exterior colour scheme:

I spoke at length with the couple that wound up buying the 2019 New Aire. They were downsizing from an Entegra Cornerstone, similar to this one:

They were in their early 80s and they wanted a smaller coach. They do not full-time. They spend their winters in Florida but, as far as I could tell, they drove the Entegra down south and parked it in a large garage beside a house. I don’t think they make much use of a coach now but they had a real love for the RV lifestyle having travelled extensively over the years in a variety of trailers and coaches.

They seemed fine with going into a much smaller coach. The 2019 model is a great choice however, if it were me, I would have waited for the 2020 models.

Although the same 33-foot models will be offered in 2020 — 3341, 3343 and 3345 — Newmar will be offering three new 35-foot models: 3541, 3543 and 3545.

What changes do you get with the extra two feet?

Turns out, quite a few, but these ones are certainly significant to me.

  • A king bed over the queen.
  • A new chassis with a 450 hp Cummins L9 over the 360 hp.
  • A larger fuel tank, 90 gallons over 75.
  • A larger fresh water tank, 105 gallons over 75.
  • Integrated tire pressure monitoring system — I can’t believe that this still isn’t standard equipment on all of the Newmar models.

You can see the complete list of feature and product changes over at the Steinbring site.

Chris Anderson does his usual fine job of taking us through the new 2020 New Aire in this video.

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