Airstream Classic 33FB

Airstreams. I love them. Lorraine doesn’t understand my passion for these trailers. She thinks that they are too small for full-timing and not at all practical for us. She is right. We would have a hard time squeezing everything we have with us now into this trailer. Okay, we would never be able to squeeze everything we have with us now into an Airstream.

Airstreams have a timeless, classic design and they last a long, long time. Much simpler to operate than a Class A motorcoach and, in several areas, more technologically advanced than our current Class A motorcoach.

Not well known is the relationship between Airstream and Thor. Thor was founded in 1980 when Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein acquired Airstream. Yes, Thor began as Airstream.

There are two Airstreams at our park, one of them a new Classic.

My favourite model is the Classic 33FB. Priced out at around $230,000 CAD (before tax), it is an expensive trailer. I’ve seen lightly used ones selling for much less. Lots of great features which you can find detailed at the Airstream website here. Nice floor plan.

And here is a video walkthrough of the Classic 33FB from Airstream.

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