Luxe Elite 42RL

Another trailer. This time, not an Airstream. A Luxe. I review a lot of RV walkthroughs. And Deb Schmucker does a fantastic job walking through a Luxe Elite 42RL. One of the best RV walkthroughs I have seen on the web.

I hadn’t followed the fifth wheel market all that closely over the past few years. However, when Dave decided to sell his Class A Motorcoach for a fifth wheel, I decided to spend a bit more time looking at that part of the RV market.

My opinion was, and let me emphasize that word “was”, that fifth wheels were an inexpensive entry point into an RV. I think that still holds true for a fairly large segment of the fifth wheel market however there are many luxury fifth wheels out there like the one Deb showcases in the video below.

I was impressed enough by her walkthrough that I jumped online and priced out a build on the Elite 42RL. By the time I loaded up the options, I was almost at $200,000 USD or $270,000 CAD. Add in Canadian taxes and all of a sudden that inexpensive entry point is at 300,000 loonies not including the price of a diesel dually to pull it. Yikes.

Luxe sells direct to consumer, a bit unique in the RV industry. I can’t comment on the quality of the rig as I do not know anyone with a Luxe. I suspect that the ownership experience is similar to Class A motorcoaches. In other words, expect issues and you won’t be disappointed.

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