Something wicked this way comes when the warm weather in Canada arrives. Mosquitoes. Not just your run of the mill mosquito mind you.

No. Canadian mosquitoes are killer mosquitoes.

The smaller ones look like this. They will swarm you in seconds.

There are bigger ones of course. A species of mosquito called Psorophora ciliata. They have a cute nickname: Gallinippers. So called because when they bite you, they take a gallon of your blood. These giant mosquitoes are roughly twenty times the size of most mosquitoes. To quote a senior program specialist at Public Health Ontario:

Because of their size they are definitely a little more potent in their bite, you can feel them quite readily.

They are not exclusive to Canada. They also hang out in many other parts of the world including Florida.

Our coach was littered with mosquitoes last night. I killed about 20 of them this morning. Lots of blood throughout the interior of the coach. It looked like a war zone.

So difficult to keep them out with a dog. She takes time to get in and out of the coach and, during the evening hours when the mosquitoes are milling about in large numbers, they attach to her coat and they take advantage of the open door to rush inside.

Rough night trying to sleep with the sounds of mosquito whines. I woke up covered with bites.

We had the same issue with our house in the country. We wound up staying indoors at dusk and using the garage door for walking the dog at night.

With a coach, our options to keep the mosquitoes outside are limited.

Might be time to check out a few patio repellants for the front entrance area. Perhaps a Thermacell?

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  1. Tara
    Tara says:

    Okay, legit, if you try this, let me know what you think. I am a *magnet* for mosquitoes and I’m looking into solutions for our backyard so I can enjoy sitting out in the evenings.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      I will let you know. They were so bad that evening. We are being a lot more careful about leaving and entering the coach. We are not able to enjoy being out in the evening because of the mosquitoes. Too many of them and they are super aggressive.


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