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What is the exit plan? That question keeps coming up every time I hear about a death in our RV community. Most of the people we know in this lifestyle are retired. They are older. Life can end suddenly. We hear of so many couples where a partner dies and the survivor needs to quickly exit the RV lifestyle.

When we tour ownership RV parks, there will always be a story about a motivated seller: “Her husband died and she needs to sell the site.”

When we speak with RV salespeople, there will always be a story about a motivated seller: “His wife passed away suddenly and he just wants out of his coach.”

When I first heard these stories, I just assumed it was a sales technique to try to get us to buy on impulse. Unfortunately the stories about motivated sellers are true.

We have come across many tragic stories which forced a dramatic change to a lifestyle for the surviving partner. Sadly, this could happen to any of us as we grow older regardless of whether we are in a house, living full-time in a motor coach, or sailing the world. Death can happen unexpectedly and most of us are unprepared. We deal with it as best we can after our loved one has passed.

Lorraine and I have discussed our exit plan from the RV lifestyle as a couple. Should we decide to come off the road, we know basically what we will do. That time is hopefully many years out. We are thoroughly enjoying our lives right now as a couple. Together.

Lorraine and I have not discussed how to deal with an unexpected death or what it might mean to journey alone.

As morbid as it may sound, I think we need a bit of a plan in place.

Just in case.

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  1. Ray Laprise
    Ray Laprise says:

    I agree 100 percent. In fact , it is almost not fair to leave the one behind to deal with all issues that will arise. I think all couples should at least have a heart to heart discussion about this subject and try to set up some sort of plan B to make the unfortunate situation a little more tolerable . That’s my 2 cents.


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