Newmar Versus Prevost

Marathon versus Essex. Two great coaches. I have friends with a Marathon coach. And I have friends with an Essex. These two luxury coaches are significantly apart in terms of their asking price.

This Marathon, coach number 1303, lists for $2.2 million USD, or $3 million CAD. Ouch.

A Newmar Essex starts at around $770,000 USD, or a little over $1 million CAD, list price. Another ouch, just not as big an ouch as the Marathon.

In the video below, a detailer takes you through the differences he notices between the two coaches. And, to be honest, I had never really thought about many of those differences. There should be something for the added cost of the Marathon.

But I question a few of them. I’ll let you decide but these are the ones that left me puzzled. Why would Newmar do that?

  1. Lots of silicone on the Newmar. Although the detailer doesn’t highlight this difference in the video, there are several Newmar body panels that attach to the frame by screws. Screws that can work themselves loose.
  2. Unfinished slideouts on the Newmar.
  3. Cheap latches on the Newmar bay doors. I’ve had first hand experience with the cheap bay door latches. Not to mention a plastic latch for the sewer hose compartment on our coach.
  4. Plastic plumbing bay on the Newmar.
  5. Clear coat. Newmar does put a bit more clear coat on their high line coaches but one look at the finish of a Marathon and you can immediately tell the difference.

A Prevost chassis has superior engineering when compared to a Spartan chassis. That is reflected in the cost. But for a million dollar Newmar coach, I would expect a little better on some of the details highlighted in this video.

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    • Richard
      Richard says:

      Which one though? The Essex or the Marathon?

      🙂 🙂

      You could always bring me some beer… root beer that is 🙂


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