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I asked Lorraine this question the other day: “How much do you think it would cost to rent a luxury RV”

“About $200 a day?”

A bit on the low side.

My friends at Hearthside Grove sent me the following:

RV… motorcoach… luxury travel. It’s the wonderful world you experience at Hearthside Grove and as a luxury motorcoach enthusiast.

As much as you enjoy the variety of activities and relationships you’ve made in the luxury motorcoach community, there are many travelers who have yet to experience it. You share stories with friends and family about your motorcoach travels and wish you could bring them along. Now there is a simple option for friends and family members who do not own a coach to join you on your journeys by renting a luxury motorcoach from GossRV.

Let me say this first. I love Hearthside Grove. It is one of my favourite RV resorts in North America. Truly a beautiful spot to visit during the summer months. And I get it. They like to distance their park in the luxury category. But let’s take a few numbers into consideration.

Median household income in the United States is a tad under $60,000 USD. In Canada, it is roughly $52,000 USD.

The top 10 per cent of Canadians make $72,000 USD or more per year, the top five per cent make $100,000 USD or more and the top one per cent make $180,000 USD or more.

In the United States, it is a much different story. The top 10 percent make $120,000 USD or more per year, the top five percent make $300,000 USD per year and the top one percent make over $700,000 USD per year.

Hence the sparse number of high-end luxury coaches in Canada. Very few people in this country can afford one.

Regardless of country, it must be a small market for renting luxury RVs from Goss RV.

You could act on Hearthside’s offer and invite your friends to rent a luxury RV for a couple of weeks.

The cost?

$80,000 USD for two weeks. Give or take a few thousand.


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  1. Greg Gouriluk
    Greg Gouriluk says:

    I couldn’t read the fine print but perhaps they are indicating that the person who wants to have their friends along in a luxury coach would help to subsidize the cost …. or maybe not.


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