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Hard water. Southern California. We really noticed it when we were there for a few months earlier this year. Some of the hardest water in all of North America. Where we are right now in Canada is not much better. Lorraine was after me to take some action about the hard water.

I signed up for the chemistry track at the Fuse School. And from there, I proceeded to learn everything there was to learn about water. This video provides a good summary of how to make hard water soft. Study it carefully especially if you are under pressure to deal with hard water in your coach.

After years of intense study and research — okay, after watching the first few seconds of the above video — I gained enough confidence to finally take action against the hard water.

I picked up one of these on Amazon.

Why did we take so long to add a water softener to the coach? I’m not sure. It had been on our list of things to buy for some time. We just never got around to it.

Soft water is so much nicer and we immediately noticed the difference in the water once we installed the unit.

There are a lot of choices out there in portable water softeners and I am not suggesting that our “On The Go” unit is the very best option. But it is an effective option. You can learn more about “On The Go” portable water softeners here.

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  1. Ann Hodges
    Ann Hodges says:

    Good morning, Richard!
    We love our soft water…at home and in the coach. We have the “On The Go Double”. Ron says it lasts longer and that he services it about every two weeks, depending on usage.
    We can tell just by the smell and feel in the shower when it needs it.
    Really enjoy your blog…often mean to comment, sorry I seldom do.
    Hope to see you before Nov 1st. Just maybe…☺️

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      We have the “On The Go” double as well. We use the paper strips to test although, like you, we can tell just by the feel of the water whether it is soft or not.

      It would be awesome to see you guys before Nov 1st. Lorraine and I miss you both!


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