This morning I installed our sun shades on the coach. Although it has taken until the end of June, the sun and the warm weather have finally arrived. Take a look at the forecast for the next week:

For my American friends, these numbers may seem quite cool. The combination of the measured temperature in Celsius, along with the humidex — what the temperature actually feels like — brings these numbers into the high 80s and low 90s Fahrenheit. For Canadians, a heat wave.

We had our sun shades custom made for our coach down in Florida by RV Sunshade Company. They came to our site and completed the work in a couple of hours. Gordon did a great job on the shades. They have held up well so far and they definitely keep the interior of the coach nice and cool.

Made in the shade.

First big long weekend of the summer coming up on Friday. Lorraine is heading out to look after the grandkids and Tabby and I will be on our own.

Thank heavens for these guys or I might starve.

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