Too Much Weight

Their rigs were too heavy (possibly) to cross the bridge. They ultimately decided to unhook their toads and back their rigs out of a bad situation. And then they give a few lessons learned in this video from You, Me & the RV.

The lessons they learned?

  1. Never trust anybody and their guidance
  2. Don’t do this without your copilot
  3. Ask better questions about where you are going

Trip planning is a pretty fundamental part of driving a larger rig especially when going into rural areas. From what I gather in their video a few things happened to them.

They encountered a bridge with a weight limit. Up for debate is whether the weight limit of 12 tons was a gross weight or an axle weight limit. They should not have been on that road in the first place.

They tried a questionable maneuver to turn their rigs around. The first rig aborted that attempt when it became obvious that the maneuver was not going to be successful.

Although not as clear in the video, as they backed up the dirt road, their copilots drove off and left them. That was a bit surprising to me.

They seemed to be overly reliant on their technology to help them avoid these types of situations. And yet, if you are going to an unfamiliar location, approachable only by dirt roads, it seems prudent to ask better questions before attempting the journey, a point they concede in the video.

And they damaged their coaches. As they came into the property, there was inadequate clearance from the trees.

The important lesson I took from this video? Trip planning. Especially when going into rural areas.

And don’t trust the GPS.

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