Duct Tape Camper

Time to replace that old Prevost coach? Fears of a pending recession making you think twice about spending a few million on a new bus? Then fear not. You can still enjoy the camping lifestyle on a tight budget. With only seven, yes, that is correct, seven rolls of duct tape.

Allow me to introduce you to the duct tape camper.

A few downsides to this camper.

  • You will get wet if it rains.
  • One side of the camper will be sticky. Duct tape sticky. Could be a nice feature if there are a lot of insects in your campground. Once they are attached to the sticky side of the duct tape, they won’t be going anywhere else.
  • A bit on the small side.
  • Plain colour scheme — think of what you could do with multicoloured duct tape!

Scott and Randy built the camper back in 2008.

Proof that you can make almost anything with duct tape. Even RVs.

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