We Are Not Happy!

A moving truck. Three sites down from us. Another Newmar coach, like ours, but a bit newer. They had it built from the factory through a Canadian dealer in 2018. They have experienced numerous issues with their coach. The dealer seemingly unable to get the issues resolved.

“You’re moving?” I asked.

I quite enjoy stating the obvious. Stating the obvious is my special power.

Granted, the presence of a Budget rental truck along with all of the people moving boxes from the coach into the rental truck, made it more than obvious.

“Yes we are.”

“What about your coach?”

“Sold. To a dealer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

Yet another disillusioned former coach owner. Seems to be quite the trend these days, probably not helped by this nonsense.

Nothing like overhyping a lifestyle choice. Look, a craze!  And it is SWEEPING THE WORLD!! Let’s jump in!

RV sales are tumbling.

Share prices are also tumbling. Thor has reached new lows.

You spend hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of dollars, on a coach only to find that the coach isn’t perfect.

Or maybe you find that the RV loving, living lifestyle craze that is sweeping the world just isn’t right for you.

And then you bail.


This Canadian couple, after less than a year, was so desperate to bail that they picked up the phone, contacted Newmar dealers all across the United States and tossed their coach back into the market for bidders.

I did not ask them how much they lost in the deal. Likely two or three hundred thousand.

Such an expensive outcome.

I did ask them why they sold their coach.

“Too many problems.”

Not the first time I’ve heard that complaint.

I wonder if part of the drop in new RV sales might be related to people exiting the RV lifestyle.

Looking at the listings of coaches for sale online, there is a large number of gently used coaches selling at a very steep discount. That must bite into the sales of new motorhomes.

Changing your mind because of quality issues and tossing your gently used coach back to a dealer will cost you. Big time.

Much of the dissatisfaction for this couple in our story centred around an unresolved air conditioner issue. I suspect that Newmar would have replaced the unit. Well worth a trip to the Newmar factory.

Buy (a new coach) high.

Sell (a new coach) low.

Not recommended.

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