Toronto Island

Toronto Island is a short ferry or water taxi ride from the city. The island offers some interesting subjects for a photowalk if you bypass the typical tourist areas.

When I did the photowalk with my youngest son last week, we spent several hours at the Toronto Island Marina. Let’s do some exploring.

We crossed on a water taxi. The cost is $11 CAD one-way however the city ferry will provide a free ride back. The cost to cross both ways on the city ferry is slightly cheaper however we wanted the experience and convenience of making the crossing on the water taxi. The waters were calm and it was a beautiful sunny day which made for a pleasant ride. If the weather was not as pleasant, we would have queued up for the ferry.

Exiting the docks, we headed west along the banks of the island. It is here that you see many of the shots of the Toronto skyline. This skyline has changed dramatically over the years since I lived there. A literal explosion of skyscrapers and condos. You can gain an appreciation for the height of the CN Tower, one of the tallest towers in the world, as it dominates the Toronto skyline.

The walk to the Toronto Island Marina takes only a few minutes. It is a strange place. When we were there, it looked like a scene from the apocalypse, so much junk strewn about and seemingly abandoned.

Of course, you can point the camera and take a frame like this one:

Or, walking around the place, you see odd scenes like this one:

Or this one:

There must be life here somewhere, as evidenced by the glasses on this table.

There are over 350 berths in this marina. We did come across three people during our time there. However, large areas of the marina looked like a dumping ground for old boats such as Fairways:

And the Harbourfront centre:

Picnic tables were littered across the property. Most were decomposing.

Others were used for storage.

Chairs also littered the marina. Perhaps used by someone but not today.

The experience of walking through this marina was surreal. At times we thought we were on the set of the Walking Dead. Life had been here but somehow abandoned this marina. A fascinating walk within a short distance from Canada’s largest urban centre, the Greater Toronto Area, with a population of roughly 6 million people.

We took the ferry back. Caught a picture of a similar ferry crossing to the island. Gives you a sense of the view that you can expect when you ride the ferry.

A final shot of Toronto from the deck of the ferry. Another successful photowalk.

The island is definitely worth a visit if you come to Toronto. You can learn more about the park here.

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