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The Newmar London Aire. A beautiful coach. If we had gone with a high line coach from Newmar, it would have been a London Aire. Expensive though. When we were looking at coaches, our dealer had a 2016 on the lot. The MSRP? A mere $867,000 Canadian. I suspect a bit of negotiation would have brought the price down to roughly $630,000 Canadian. And, being a Canadian, I love to pay taxes. That would bring the purchase price up to a lofty $715,000 Canadian.

The coach has been on the dealer’s lot since early 2016.

As we were walking around the park over the Labour Day weekend, what did we find?

The Boss’s Demo. The same London Aire coach from 2016.

I guess by now the dealer would love to have someone finally buy this coach.

We have maybe a dozen Class A motorcoaches in this park. Only two high line coaches although one of them is 15 years old. The other 50 or so units would be fifth wheels or travel trailers. Most of the units would be well under $100,000 Canadian.

There were a lot of people that went through the coach on the weekend, more out of curiosity I suspect.

“Why would anyone spend that much money on a coach?” was likely a question for most.

The 2016 London Aire coaches are selling for around $450,000 – 500,000 Canadian although I suspect the dealer wouldn’t go down that far on price.

I’m not sure whether a coach, bought three years ago as a new model, should command a premium above the used marketplace. Would Newmar still provide a one-year warranty? Maybe. Would a coach, sitting for almost all of that time, be a good machine to take off the lot? Not sure. We had stored our coach for the first two winters and it did not seem to have much of an impact.

But three years to sit on a lot is a long time.

Perhaps this coach will finally go to a nice retired couple.

Not to us though. Yes, we are a nice retired couple and, as much as I love the London Aire, the depreciation cost that we would take to make the switch from a dealer would be too great. Particularly when the used marketplace is so active. There are some great deals on private sales. If we were going to make a change, we would look carefully at private sales before buying from a dealer.

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