Field Trip

Picking up our jacks for a few days. A warm-up trip if you like. We will cross the border 8 weeks from now. Our second year as snowbirds. Unlike last winter, when we travelled the United States from coast-to-coast, we will be staying in Florida for our six-month stay.

Before we head south, we need to exercise the coach. We will head out from our current spot and we will take the coach out to our former hometown of Kingston for a few days. Not a long drive, roughly four hours or so. But long enough to determine if there are any issues with the coach. I’d rather find out now before we make the trip to Florida.

We’ll be staying at a KOA in Kingston. Pretty basic place. A field. There is some rain in the forecast so hopefully we don’t get stuck when it is time to leave.

I expect the Internet to be very poor during our stay and I might not be able to post for much of next week.

Lorraine and I have been prepping the coach for the trip south. We spent yesterday emptying out the basement bays to purge unnecessary items and to reorganize our storage. Our plan was to toss or put into storage any items that we no longer needed on the road for our time in Florida.

We wound up putting everything back in exactly the same place.

Sometimes you just cannot improve on perfection.

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  1. Ann Hodges
    Ann Hodges says:

    Hope your shake down cruise is uneventful! No surprises and a fun little trip. 😎
    We’re heading to the Upper Peninsula next week to go “rock” hunting. Two other coaches are joining us for some/all of the trip. Will end the fun at Petoskey RV for “Balloons over Bay Harbor”!
    That’s it till we head to Branson, MO Oct 20 for a week and then on into MRMR. Can’t wait to see you and Lorraine there! ☺️


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