Test Drive

Everything worked. Except the Internet. Hence being a bit quiet with the blog this week. But don’t worry. Back it at now. Pounding away on the keyboard. Feverishly following all things related to the RV world.

What is this everything I speak of? The everything that was working? You thought I was retired and I had stopped working?

The everything working was the test run of our coach.

We have been parked for over four months now. A bit of a long stretch for the coach to be standing still. We will start our trip south on October 23rd, a mere five weeks away. We thought it wise to take the coach on a bit of a drive for a few reasons. One, to determine if the coach still worked and two, to determine if we still remembered how to work the coach.

We booked a site at a KOA in Kingston, Ontario, very close to our old property in the country. This was our home for a few days:

Not bad. The site was gravel but the size of the site and the finished patio made it a very pleasant place to park. Although busier than expected for this time of year, the park was still very quiet due, I suspect, to the absence of families. Everyone is back to work and back to school. Everyone except us happily retired travellers.

We enjoyed spending time with our oldest son and his wife and with a number of our friends. It was fun to be back in Kingston as everything was so familiar but we both agreed that we are thrilled to be out living on the road.

The coach performed flawlessly and it seems to be ready for the long trip south.

I love driving our coach. It was a thrill to get back on the road and moving again.

Looking forward to starting our trip down to Florida.

Hopefully before the snow.

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