Winnebago Horizon

“Looks like a city bus on the outside and an airport lounge on the inside.”

That was one of the comments I came across when reading reviews about the Winnebago Horizon.

The styling is a bit different from most coaches and not to my taste.

I came across a video review, shot on location at Outdoor Resorts in Indio, California, that was produced by Winnebago. The video opens with this couple, Don and Terry Cohen, described as the owners.

Except that they are not owners of a Winnebago Horizon. Don is a contributor with WinnebagoLife. Don and Terry spent two and a half months on a Winnebago funded livability test. It is not their coach. Winnebago let them use one specifically for marketing the unit. This is disclosed in the WinnebagoLife Horizon review:

My wife Terry and I felt like lottery winners when we were asked to take a brand-new Winnebago Horizon for a two and a half month livability test.

I suspect that if my good friends at Newmar paid me to spend two and a half months to live in one of their new luxury coaches in beautiful Indio, California, I might provide, well, a somewhat positive review of their product.

If the owners are paid actors then that really should have been disclosed in the video.

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